WINNER 2016 Sydney Fringe SYNZ Award

WINNER 2016 Sydney Fringe Best Circus & Physical Theatre

2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival Weekly Award Highly Commended, Circus & Physical Theatre


★★★★ Rip It Up

★★★★ In Daily

★★★★ Verse Magazine

★★★★ The Clothesline

★★★★ AUU


Move over lager, make way for the latte. Australian’s are becoming so enamoured with their coffee hit that is rapidly being considered as one of our national past-times. The quality of the beverage is important, however, sometimes it is less about the coffee itself and more to do with customs and rituals that surround its consumption… 

Love, Loss and Lattes is a one-woman circus and physical theatre show that provides a voyeuristic window into the life of young Australian woman, Missy, and her relationship with coffee.

Coffee accompanies Missy on most occasions in her life, both the landmark ones and the banal. Missy started drinking coffee out of necessity as a study aid; it percolated into a deep love affair. It is the one constant in her life as she experiences the transition to adulthood, the thrill of new love, the disillusion of divorce, the agony of losing a parent.

As Missy, Catherine Wait explores the universal themes of love and loss via a variety of circus apparatus such as silks, aerial hoop, pole and acrobatic dance. The show explores the correlation between coffee and the heart, from the physiological to the psychological, from heartbeats to heartbreak. 

Love, Loss and Lattes lifts the audience out of their daily grind and plunges them into a caffeinated sensory overload. 

Written and performed by Catherine Wait 

Co Director - Emma Serjeant

Creative Facilitation - Marissa Yeo and Emma Goh

Photo by Ash King

Photo by Ash King

"Like the perfect blend, the performance is strong and satisfying." - Verse Magazine

"She twists, turns and flips in full circus style whilst projecting truthful, honest emotions" Art Murmurs

"Amazing feats of dexterity and grace… managing to communicate its theme without ever letting it detract from the fundamental pleasure of the performance."
Rip It Up

"brewed up a winner." - Stage Whispers